Our Pastoral Team

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Lead Pastors: Joe & Kari Bulman

Joe & Kari have been the Lead Pastors at GH4² since 2015. They married right out of high school and have four kids: Luke, Zack, Emma and Andrew. Joe & Kari are passionate about helping others find and fulfill their calling in Christ. Their ministry goal for GH4² is to be a bridge for the community to come to know Christ through relationship, discipleship and the Word of God. 

Contact Info: info@harborworship.com

Student Ministries Director & Media: Toby & Kim Bauer

Toby & Kim have been at GH4² since 2006. They have two adult daughters and one granddaughter. Kim serves as the Children's Ministry Director at GH4² and has a huge heart for the next generation. Toby serves as the Director of Media at GH4² and has a true servant's heart. Spend five minutes with this couple and your face will hurt from laughing. They bring joy to everyone around them.

Contact Info: Kim: kim@harborworship.com   Toby: media@harborworship.com

Founding Pastors: Chris & Sandy Bayer

Chris & Sandy are the founding pastors of GH4² and pastored the church for nearly thirty years. On April 1, 2015, Chris went to be with the Lord after a five year battle with brain cancer. Chris & Sandy worked diligently to love their community and have left a legacy of "hear the Lord's voice and do what He says". 

Sandy continues to serve as the Missions Director at GH4², as she carries on the calling of missions within the Bayer family.

Our Council

 Dennis Smith

 David Vegh

Jennie Young

Thomas smith

mary corey