At Gig Harbor 4², we believe in membership. Not for the sake of having a "clique" or to lord it over people. We believe that in the early church, seen in Acts, there was a two-way commitment between the pastor and apostles and the body of Christ. They pooled their resources, met together, prayed for one another. We believe that we should have something along the same lines. As a church, we commit to praying for our members, teaching the Word of the Lord, assisting in raising their children to know Christ and so much more. We ask of members to be committed, to be honest and seek the Lord, to tithe and to minster one to another. We truly believe that all of us have a calling and that God has given us our individual callings to use in the body of Christ so that when we are united together we become a tool that the Lord can use to do great things within our families, community and throughout all of the earth.

Interested in membership? We ask that you do the following things:

1. Listen to the two messages found below, "What We Believe" and "We All Have A Role".

2. Complete a Member's Application Form (See below)

3. Complete a Member's Commitment Form (See below)

Member's Application
Foursquare Statement of Faith
1. That Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God, and the only Savior from sin.
 2. That Jesus Christ is the Great Physician and the Healer of the body through the Atonement.
 3. That Jesus Christ is the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit today, just as He was on the Day of Pentecost.
 4. That Jesus Christ is the Soon Coming King, coming back to earth again as the only hope for a dying world. 5. That Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, and today, and forever.
Rules of Conduct
We ask that as a member of Gig Harbor Foursquare that you conduct your yourself in a way that is pleasing to the Lord through the following actions: -By avoiding evil of every kind, such as profanity, drunkenness, harmful world pleasures, dishonesty, immorality, and all sinful habits. -By seeking to do good to both the bodies and souls of men. Feeding, clothing, and visiting those in need as the opportunity presents itself. -By being faithful to the known ordinances of God such as regular Church attendance, the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, consistent Bible Study, daily Family prayers, and private devotion. -By faithfully supporting the Local Church through God’s financial plan of Tithing and Offerings, and by contributing, according to ability, to the various Missionary Programs of the Church. -By laboring at all times for the conversion and salvation of the unsaved through prayer, and personal testimony, and by inviting them to the Church, with a desire to lead them to Christ. -By working together in harmony and unity with the pastor and the membership for the advancement and growth of the visible church and being loyal at all times to the Church, its pastor, and its policies. In all things showing forth an attitude of Christian love until Jesus comes.
I have listened to both teachings on GH4² Membership. *
If you have not listen to both teachings in their entirety, please do so before completing this form.
Name *
Marital Status:
Example: Johny Smith, 10/10/10, 1st Grade Jane Smith, 10/10/00, 6th Grade
Baptized by immersion?
Baptized in the Holy Spirit?
Are you in full agreement with the Foursquare Statement of Faith?
Do you feel God has called you to Gig Harbor Foursquare?
By typing your name blow you are stating that the information submitted is true and accurate, and that you wish to be a member at Gig Harbor Foursquare Church.
Membership is renewed annually. To have your membership transferred from another Foursquare church, you must contact that church in writing and ask them to send a transfer letter to Gig Harbor Foursquare Church.
Member's Commitment Form
Name *
Have We...
Encouraged you to grow in spiritual understanding and character? Loved you, forgiven and repented when necessary? Encouraged you to pray? Held to the Bible as our final authority in all matters of faith and practice? Taught the Bible so it can be understood and lived? Encouraged you to become a worshiper? Handled all the finances with complete honesty and openness, seeking to avoid extravagance or waste? Given priority to the nurturing of our children—teaching them to worship, understand the Bible and how to walk with God? Ministered in honesty and purity, avoiding any sort of compromise or appearance of evil? Loved you enough to biblically discipline if there is critical moral failure?
Have You...
Nurtured a personal relationship with God through Bible study and prayer? Been hungry to grow in God and not been a passive spectator? Prayed for our church? Maintained a loving attitude toward others? Refused to harbor bitterness and taken the first step toward reconciliation? Made friends and welcomed newcomers? Sought an area of service to someone (in or outside of the congregation)? Attended services and a smaller gathering (e.g. LTG, ministry team, fellowship activities, etc.) where you can be involved in ministry to others and build friendships? Tithed to God? Sought to be morally pure? Been personally open and supportive of the gifts and workings of the Holy Spirit? Actively participated in congregational matters (such as: congregational meetings, dedication of children, intercession for missionaries, weddings & funerals, etc.)?
I agree with GH4²’s Statement of Faith and intend to keep my commitment to these disciplines for the coming year.
By typing your name blow you are stating that the information submitted is true and accurate, and that you wish to be a member at Gig Harbor Foursquare Church.