Kim Bauer

May 17, 2017


Missionaries go where they are called and are obedient in the big and small things.

I promised God about 8 years ago that I would go where He sent me. I would get excited about each missionary that came to the church to speak, wondering about when I would be called onto a team for that first trip. I thought that my first trip would be working with kids, or doing something that was within my natural abilities. God’s plans are much better.


Many of you know that we have a missionary in Poland named Denise Johnson. I have had a few opportunities to sit and listen to her talk about the Polish people, and the heart that she has for them. She is dedicated to the people and has devoted many years of service as a missionary.

I am going to Nowy Targ, Poland on June 28-July 12, 2017 for my first international missions trip. I am not called to build anything, work with kids, or do anything that would normally fall in the “Kim-Possible” category. I am called to care for our missionary Denise Johnson, while she recovers from hip surgery. Since she lives up many stairs, she will be housebound for most of the recovery time. I will be one of a few different people that have been called to care for her “tag-team” style. I will be doing errands, helping her with anything that she needs, shopping and driving (manual transmission…yikes). While there, I hope to be an example of God’s great love for each of us while I serve.


God is big. He didn’t follow my plan (I am very grateful), but instead, has called me to trust Him for bigger things. He is giving me the opportunity to walk a faith-walk that I never conceived. I am learning to drive a manual transmission, trusting that God will provide all things needed in Poland and back home, and trust God completely with the finances. My heart is to care for our faithful missionary and the people of Poland.

Please pray for Denise’s surgery and quick recovery, for God-appointments, for extraordinary driving abilities for myself, and safety for all on the road ☺. Pray blessings for my co-workers who will be covering for me at work while I am in Poland, and again at Camp later the same month. Pray for my amazing husband.


There are so many opportunities to either have faith or fear in this trip. It is well beyond my natural ability, but nothing is impossible with God. I ask that you partner with me in prayer and finances, as I step out in faith.


Thank you,

Kim Bauer

Children’s Ministry Director

Gig Harbor Foursquare