We believe that giving is another way to worship the Lord. We worship with songs, with music, with our lives and with our finances. The Bible says that we are to bring a tenth of our earnings and give it back to the Lord. The Lord promises to open the heavens and pour out His blessings when we give. We don't give as a requirement and we definitely don't give to receive. We give because He has already given us everything we have and as an act of worship, for all that He has given us, we give back to Him a portion.  

When you give to Gig Harbor 4², the funds are used to help ministry move forward by funding local ministry, national ministry and international ministry. It is through your giving that we feed the poor and hungry, encourage the broken and reach the nations.  

Please pray over your gift and ask the Lord to use it to further His work as you give.


You can give two ways

The first way is through your bank using your bill pay.  You can do this by logging into your online banking and adding Gig Harbor Foursquare to your bill pay. See the information below to setup bill pay with your bank.

Gig harbor Foursquare

6659 Kimball Dr. E503, Gig Harbor WA, 98335

Phone: (253) 655-7563

The second option is to give online by clicking the button below or download our church app by searching for, “Church Center”, in the app stor or Google play store.