G’day mates!

God is calling me back to the Land Down Under! I’ll be participating in a Basic Leadership School (BLS) with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) this coming January in Brisbane, Australia. This is a 20 month course with the purpose of training and mentoring young leaders in the principles and practice of Bible based leadership. In what is effectively an internship, I will be involved in leading groups of young people in both a discipleship and leadership role.  This will include organizing and leading projects, events, small outreach teams, overseeing small groups, and being responsible for the successful running of the annual Discipleship Training School (DTS) I attended earlier this year. These will be wonderful opportunities to implement the leadership principles I’ll be learning through the lectures and assignments that will be occurring simultaneously.

By being a part of the DTS for the first half of this year, I got to learn more about God and implement His love and character into my life as a foundation for discipling and leading others. Through participation in the upcoming leadership school, I’m excited to allow God to build upon that foundation and empower me to step into the calling He has for my life. I’m not quite sure what that is right now, but I know each person that has breath in their lungs has a calling on their life. It’s a great adventure to grow in my relationship with God every day and the purpose He has for me, and I can’t wait for the Lord to use me to encourage others in their own walk with Him.

Your support in this exciting endeavor is much appreciated! First and foremost, your support by means of prayer!  I would ask that you keep not only me and my fellow BLS students in your prayers, but also the students of the DTSs that we will be leading. Please pray for the Lord to reveal himself in life changing ways to the students, and to us staff as well. Also, that as a staff team we would have clarity of the vision the Lord has for the DTS schools and be able to work together with each other and Him to see that vision through to completion.

Another way in which I would love your support is financially. I will be staying in Australia on the Brisbane YWAM base for the majority of my 20 months abroad. Doing so costs a little over $500 per month in food and accommodation, plus any other reoccurring living expenses such as toiletries and laundry. Your monthly financial contribution of any amount would be such a HUGE blessing! Also during my time away I will be co-leading an overseas outreach team in 2018 and leading one in 2019. I ask that you would seek the Lord, when the time comes, about supporting me in the area of the extra costs these outreaches incur.

I’ll be keeping you all up to date with monthly newsletters if you would like to stay in the loop on all the wonderful things God is doing with me in Australia. I will miss you all very much so make sure to respond to the newsletter email with updates on your own lives here in the Pacific Northwest!

Thank you for your love, prayer and support! 


Bethany Knapp